STUC on employment statistics

September 16th 2009

Speaking as ONS data confirmed another rise in Scottish unemployment, Grahame Smith, Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) General Secretary said:

“Today’s statistics confirm another worrying rise in Scottish unemployment and it should be borne in mind that recent large-scale redundancies will not be reflected in official data for some months hence.

“The STUC agrees with Mervyn King that a robust, demand led recovery is far from imminent. With unemployment likely to continue to rise well into next year, it is essential that Government at all levels continues to provide effective support to those who have suffered most during this recession.

“The STUC is also seriously concerned at the quality and nature of current debate on the public finances. Cutting public spending next year will jeopardise economic recovery and threaten the services that people rely on; particularly during recession.

“It is shocking to note that politicians are avoiding the role of fair and progressive taxation in rebalancing the public accounts. The STUC recognises that taxes should not rise for middle and low earners during a recession but, with the tax gap estimated at between £25 – 40bn, high earners and corporations must begin to pay their fair share”.


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