Dodgy deal lacks credibility and stability

June 9th 2017

Speaking after the announcement that Theresa May had struck a deal with the DUP to maintain power, STUC General Secretary Grahame Smith said

“Theresa May spent much of the election campaign attacking the so-called coalition of chaos. But it is her promise to deliver stability which is now in tatters.

“Relying on the support of the Democratic Unionist Party lacks all credibility. The DUP is a reactionary party. The people of Northern Ireland opposed Brexit and on that issue, as with many others, the DUP has no basis for claiming it represents their views. Even then, agreement between the Tories and DUP on what form Brexit should take is unlikely.

“At a time when the focus of many will be restoring Stormont, a process which will require sensitive and flexible negotiation, to be so reliant on a party which reflects the view of only one party of the community is potentially highly damaging.

“Stripped of any mandate for a hard Brexit and having lost all credibility domestically, abroad, and even within her own party, Theresa May jump before she is pushed.

“Her personal loss of credibility makes it inconceivable that she can effectively lead the Brexit negotiations and thus she cannot lead the country.

“We need parties that can represent the views of the country on Brexit, on austerity and on public services to be allowed the opportunity take forward policies aimed at sharing wealth and giving hope.”


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