STUC will support workers undertaking peaceful direct action against companies which discriminate against young workers & use zero hours contracts.

April 15th 2016

Young workers from the >zero campaign will today visit Dundee as Congress is expected to affirm its support for the new and imaginative campaigns aimed at bad employers in the non-unionised sector.

Whilst in Dundee, Better than Zero activists will target Cafe Nero which last week confirmed that it was taking away free lunches from staff as a consequence of the introduction of George Osborne's bogus National Living Wage.

The stunt will highlight how few cups of coffee consumers would need to refuse to buy to force Cafe Nero to reverse its policy.

STUC General Secretary Grahame Smith said:

“Consumers have the right to know the sort of companies they buy from and if peaceful direct action helps to name and shame non-union employers who mistreat their workers it is legitimate tactic which I fully support.

“I fully understand the frustration of young workers who are victims of a cynical double whammy - denied the bogus living wage by the U.K. Government if they are under 25 and having their employment conditions cut by employers on the pretext of paying for a wage increase they don't get.

“Over the past year the ‘Better than Zero’ campaign has used flashmobs, restaurant occupations and social media campaigns to pressure bad employers. They recently achieved a reversal in the tipping policy of the Las Iguanas Restaurant chain, have put a spotlight on Amazon’s employment practices and sent Glasgow mogul Stefan King scurrying around his many establishments reacting to their documented cases of employment misdemeanours.

“’Better than Zero’ has worked with affiliated unions such as Unite on its ‘Fight for Five’ campaign - targeting businesses such as Sports Direct - and with the Bakers Union on its efforts to unionise the Fast Food sector.

“Our ultimate aim is to unionise in these businesses and sectors, but the Better than Zero approach drawing on the experiences of campaigns like the US ‘Fight for 15’ campaign provides a transitional route whereby workers and activists can campaign and get organised even in the anti-union sector”.


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