STUC on labour market statistics

March 16th 2016

Responding to the latest set of official labour market statistics published today, Grahame Smith, STUC General Secretary said:

“With the significant increase in unemployment recorded in the three months to January attributable to falling inactivity not falling employment, today’s statistics indicate that the labour market in Scotland is continuing to slowly improve.

“However, as the STUC has argued consistently over recent months, the test of the Scottish labour market’s strength in 2016 will be whether sufficient jobs are created to allow for both falling inactivity and falling unemployment. Employment growth may have been better than anticipated over recent years but unemployment remains stubbornly high.

“A number of factors are likely to slow jobs growth this year such as the weakening global economy and the crisis in the oil and gas sector. A further dose of spending cuts in today’s Budget will only serve to render the Scottish labour market less resilient in the face of current headwinds”.



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