First Minister's interpretation of 'no detriment' is correct. Westminster proposal risks loss of services and jobs on a grand scale.

February 9th 2016

STUC General Secretary Grahame Smith said:

"Last week the STUC criticised the Scottish Government's settlement for councils and responded positively to Labour's tax proposal.

"It would be wrong, ranking on the stupid, to propose acceptance of a Fiscal Framework which would require a doubling of this proposed tax rise just to allow Scotland's relative budgetary position to stand still.

"It was made entirely clear prior to the referendum and after the Smith Commission that we should not expect the devolution of income tax to be to Scotland's financial detriment presuming that rates of growth and tax stayed the same.

"The STUC strongly suspects that the UK Government is using these negotiations to try to apply a financial cut to Scotland's budget.

"The leaders of all Scotland's parties should unite in rejecting the current deal offered."


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