STUC on Queen’s Speech

May 27th 2015

Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) General Secretary Grahame Smith said:-

“Despite the ‘one nation’ rhetoric, this is clearly a programme for government which would further divide the UK on the basis of class and nation.

“This is anything but a ‘Queen’s Speech for working people’, it fails to offer real protection from zero-hours and low pay whilst attacking their democratic rights. Unions will vigorously oppose this attempt to effectively ban the right to take industrial action in the UK – a right which is protected in international law. The Prime Minister, commanding a majority in House of Commons on the votes of less than a quarter of eligible UK voters, is seeking to apply a rule to ordinary working people which, if applied to General Elections, would make it impossible for him to govern. The trade union movement will uphold the democratic rights of our members and take whatever action us necessary to uphold their human rights.

“The Government claims a mandate through the referendum for its proposed delivery of further powers to Scotland, but all available evidence is that Scottish voters wish the proposals to go further. It is therefore vital that the Government pledges to a fully participative, citizen-led consideration of whether current proposals are adequate. This should include consideration of the devolution of workplace protection, increased welfare powers, further influence of immigration policy and the full devolution of the power to take ScotRail into public ownership if that is the will of Scottish voters.

“For a sovereign Parliament to vote away its ability to raise key taxes, whatever the fiscal circumstances is an act of supreme folly which shows that the Tories are more concerned with political advantage than sound management of the nation’s finances or indeed equity”


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