STUC publishes a new estimate of ‘Scotland’s Full-Time Employment Deficit’

April 21st 2015

Commenting as the STUC published a report on the state of the Scottish Labour Market which includes a new estimate of Scotland’s Full-Time Employment Deficit, Grahame Smith, STUC General Secretary said: “This report provides a comprehensive overview of the state of the Scottish Labour Market and provides an estimate of ‘Scotland’s Full-Time Employment Deficit’.

“It is shocking that an estimated 455,000 people in Scotland want but are unable to find full-time employment. It is unacceptable that politicians are too busy boasting about historically high levels of employment to bother about the underlying, negative trends affecting hundreds of thousands of workers. The excessively optimistic scenarios painted by both the Scottish and UK Government are too reliant on headline measures of employment and unemployment which no longer provide an accurate gauge of labour demand.

“It is essential that the Scottish Government launches a significant research project to better understand trends in youth, women’s and older peoples’ employment. The labour market emerging from the recession is looking quite different to that which prevailed prior to 2008. Current trends must be fully understood in order that policy interventions are as effective as possible”.


Download report in doc format here

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