STUC supports UK-wide industrial action for decency, dignity and a stronger economy

July 10th 2014

STUC General Secretary Grahame Smith said:

“Early indications suggest a very solid turnout in Scotland by members of the Public and Civil Service Union and very strong support south of the border in the joint action being taken by 1.5 million public service workers, teachers and civil servants.

“Our message to the Government is that it is time to end the pay freezes and real terms pay cuts which have been imposed for the best part of four years and which have left public service workers on the average wage, over £4000 per year poorer.

“It is a travesty that workers across Britain, having tightened their belts repeatedly during the recession are now being asked to subsidise the recovery whilst profits rise and services suffer.

“There is nothing our weak recovery needs more than the injection of some real wage growth in the economy. Instead of attacking public service workers and their unions, the Government should be attacking poverty pay and providing the decency and dignity our members deserve.

“In the very near future, STUC will be announcing the details of a range of activities in support of decent work and dignified lives, culminating in a major demonstration to be held in Scotland on October 18th”.


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