STUC on Scottish independence white paper

November 30th 2009

STUC on Scottish independence white paper

November 30th 2009

Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) General Secretary Grahame Smith today said:

“Along with many others in Scotland, STUC will give today’s document the consideration it deserves. We certainly do not oppose a referendum in principle, however the question of when such a referendum should take place and most importantly, what question should be asked, are central to the view we will take.

“Given that the Scottish Government seems to be considering up to four questions for a possible referendum; that Scottish Parliament support for its Bill is unlikely; and that the UK Government has laid out its White Paper plans based on the Calman recommendations we ask the following of the political parties:

“- Labour to pledge that its devolution White Paper will be priority business in Westminster’s new parliamentary term and agree a parallel process for considering additional devolution improving measures where legislation is not required.

“- The Tories to talk straight to the people of Scotland and make clear whether or not it will support that White Paper either in government or opposition.

“- SNP to consider whether the best option for Scotland is to delay an independence referendum until after the “Calman” recommendations are implemented to enable Scots to make a clear and unequivocal choice about their future.”


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