STUC on G20 Summit and 'Put People First' March

March 26th 2009

STUC on G20 Summit and 'Put People First' March

March 26th 2009

Speaking ahead of the G20 summit and the massive 'Put People First' event on Saturday (28 March), Grahame Smith, Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) General Secretary said:

“From the collapse of Northern Rock onwards, it has been apparent that this is a truly global crisis and that co-ordinated global action is required in response.

“Unfortunately, there are worrying signs that G20 leaders will not rise to the challenge with reports suggesting that European leaders are resistant to fiscal stimulus and the US opposed to enhancing global financial regulation.

“Scotland’s trade unions believe that the G20 must act not only to provide a short-term stimulus but also to ensure that the world emerges from this recession fairer and greener.

“On Saturday, the Put People First march for jobs, justice and climate will afford ordinary people who are the real and potential victims of this recession an opportunity to send a very clear message to the G20 summit that fundamental change is required at UK and world level”.

In common with trade unions across the world, the STUC is calling for:

· a coordinated international recovery and sustainable growth plan with maximum impact on job creation focusing on public investment, active labour market policies, protecting the most vulnerable through extended social safety nets, and 'green economy' investments that can shift the world economy onto a low-carbon growth path.

· developing and emerging economies to be provided with the resources and policy space to undertake counter-cyclical policies.

· new rules and mechanisms to control global finance with full stakeholder engagement.

· action to combat the risk of wage deflation and reverse the growth of income inequality by extending the coverage of collective bargaining and strengthening wage setting institutions so as to establish a decent floor in labour markets.

· a far-reaching and ambitious international agreement on climate change at COP15 in Copenhagen this December.



Information on the Put People First march can be found on the TUC website or the Put People First website


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