STUC Condemns Latest Blacklisting Scandal

March 6th 2009

STUC Condemns Latest Blacklisting Scandal

March 6th 2009

The Scottish Trade Union Congress (STUC) has joined UCATT and UNITE in condemning the use of blacklisting in the construction industry following revelations that major companies unlawfully access personal information on prospective employees through a consultant as part of the selection process.

Ian Tasker, STUC Assistant Secretary said

“Following last weeks announcements on the practice of blacklisting in the oil industry, also known as “Not Required Back” (NRB), we are deeply concerned that another example of blacklisting has come to light.

“In common with NRB the victims of this scandal in the construction industry are those who sought to protect their fellow workers in high risk occupations and raise health and safety issues.

“They were branded as troublemakers by this consultancy who sold clandestine information to employers who consequently refused employment to those listed.

“The STUC believes that legislation must be brought forward as a matter of urgency, to stamp out an abhorrent practice that these high profile companies have spent decades denying even existed.”


For further information contact Ian Tasker Assistant Secretary STUC 0141 337 8100


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