STUC on Scottish Budget deal

February 4th 2009

STUC on Scottish Budget deal

February 4th 2009

Commenting on news that Labour and the Lib Dems had reached agreement with the Scottish Government on the Scottish Budget, Grahame Smith, Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) General Secretary said:

“The constructive manner in which all parties embarked on finding workable solutions reflects well on the Scottish Parliament. Extending the uncertainty any longer would have been unwise in the current economic climate.

“The commitment to extra apprenticeships is especially welcome. The STUC believes that this investment will help to ensure that the current recession does not consign a generation of young Scots to a life on the dole whilst also helping prepare the economy for the challenges of the future. In these uncertain economic times, it will be hugely beneficial to apprentices to have the security of knowing that they can complete their qualification even if laid off by their current employer.

“The STUC looks forward to clarification on how the proposed Financial Services Task Group will provide additionality to the work of the Scottish Government’s Financial Industry Advisory Board (FISAB) and on the remit of the proposed all party review group on public spending”.


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