STUC on new workplace face coverings regulations

October 15th 2020

STUC on new workplace face coverings regulations

October 15th 2020

Responding to today’s announcement on the extension of mandatory face coverings in workplace canteens and corridors, STUC Deputy General Secretary Dave Moxham said:

“We support the extension of face mask wearing in workplaces, as outlined by the First Minister. Indeed, we argue for the use of face coverings in all enclosed spaces for everyone who is able to wear them. It is important to remember that face coverings are an additional precaution and not a substitute for other measures such as social distancing, sanitising and the use of screens. It is also important to note that those exempted from wearing facemasks are not impacted.

“It is essential that these new regulations are properly communicated and that workers are consulted and supported. This has not been made easier by the fact that some of these regulation come into force tomorrow.

“The legislation on the use of facemasks becomes active from tomorrow and for workplace corridors active on Monday. It is a matter of urgency that the new rules are communicated to unions and all employees, that employees should be consulted on the implementation of the new regulations and that the new rules be incorporated into COVID risk assessments for which the employer has legal responsibility. We look forward to working with Government to ensure this is the case.

“Canteens and corridors are part of the workplace. We would be highly concerned if the First Minister’s statement that these additional measures are the individual employees responsibility were to lead to employers abrogating their responsibility for workplace health and safety and the updating of COVID-19 risk assessments.”


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