STUC: Prime Minister on a crash course to undermine devolution and with it the union

September 9th 2020

STUC: Prime Minister on a crash course to undermine devolution and with it the union

September 9th 2020

• If passed, UK Internal Market Bill will kick-start a race to the bottom on employment protection, environmental and food standards

• UK Government would undermine devolution by overriding the Scottish Parliament and picking and choosing investments in Scottish public services

• Intention to break international law demonstrates contempt for supporting trade and jobs

Roz Foyer STUC General Secretary said:

“If we needed further evidence that Boris Johnson leads a rogue, right wing government oblivious to the threat of provoking constitutional and legal crises, here and abroad, it is on show for all to see today.

“Despite their other political differences, Johnson is uniting political parties, trade unions and wider civil society in Scotland against a power grab which would see UK Government interference in previously devolved matters and a rolling back of the constitutional settlement we voted for in 1997 and strengthened in 2016.

“The mutual recognition principle in the UK Internal Market Bill is in fact a free pass for the UK Government to undermine the ability of the Scottish Parliament to make support for business conditional on Fair Work and to ensure environmental and food safety.

“And rather than pass funds to the Scottish Parliament to invest in public services according to the will of Scottish voters, Johnson intends to undermine the devolution settlement. Programmes designed to replace previous EU programmes should be devolved to the four parliaments for delivery.

She added,

“Alongside the admission that the UK is seeking to break international law over Brexit, there can now be no doubt that the Tories are embarking on a crash course with the constitution which gives the lie to the claim that they are in any way a party committed to the unity of the UK.”


For more information, please contact Rachel Thomson, Campaigns & Communications Officer, on 07974966227 or Dave Moxham, Deputy General Secretary on 07891026870.


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