STUC on Job Retention Scheme announcement

May 29th 2020

STUC on Job Retention Scheme announcement

May 29th 2020

Responding to the Chancellor’s announcement, STUC General Secretary Designate Roz Foyer says:

“There is much to welcome in the announcement and union arguments have clearly been heeded. The tapering of support is less dramatic than suggested and we are glad they have heeded our calls for continuing support for the self-employed.

“Nonetheless, we are concerned at the creation of a cliff edge for the end of October. It remains unclear how far the economy will have recovered by then and it would be more prudent to adjust the scheme as further employment data is processed. It still feels a bit too much like a ‘one size fits all’ scheme. There are massive disparities in how different industries are affected by easing lockdown.

“And the Chancellor should also not have ruled out extending the scheme if there is a second infection spike.

“The cuts to levels of support for employers is bound to have an impact. The Chancellor said that employees will see no change to their level of support but this ignores the fact that employers may now make decisions to withdraw from the scheme presaging a wave of redundancies which would be profoundly damaging both for workers and for the economy. We urge employers to make full use of the new part-time flexibilities in the scheme to retain rather than dismiss workers.”

“And we will fight support workers to campaign to save their jobs.”

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