STUC on Job Retention Scheme announcement

May 12th 2020

STUC on Job Retention Scheme announcement

May 12th 2020

The STUC has given a cautious welcome to the announcement by the Chancellor of the extension to October.

However, it raised a number of potential concerns on the way the new flexible scheme will operate and on how it will support Scottish workers if the return to work is slower in some sectors here.

STUC General Secretary Designate Roz Foyer said

“The extension of this scheme is absolutely vital but its detail will be all important. Being able to use the scheme to support phased return to work through reduced hours is also an important step.

“We want to see employers step up to the plate and maintain employment and pay, ongoing Government support for this is vital.

“However, we have seen some major companies announcing redundancies over recent days. There must be nothing in the amended scheme that exacerbates this problem which is causing misery for thousands of workers.

“The scheme must reflect differing guidance across the four nations. If come the start of August, the return to work is slower in Scotland for sound health and safety reasons, we need the scheme to be flexible enough to support that process with no financial detriment to those workers affected.

“There are still millions of workers who have not been helped by the scheme to date and they will be in increasingly dire straits. We renew our call to the Chancellor to close the loopholes in the scheme.”


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