Disabled workers outline Coronavirus concerns

April 23rd 2020

Disabled workers outline Coronavirus concerns

April 23rd 2020

Disabled workers have appealed to the public to respect social distancing measures and urged supermarkets to do more to support disabled people with food deliveries.

The STUC Disabled Workers Committee, which represents Scotland’s disabled workers, whether those be visible or invisible disabilities, have outlined their key concerns in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Julie Ferguson, Chair of the Disabled Workers Committee, stated,

“While the Committee is in full support of the lockdown measures, in order to protect public health and the NHS, we have noted some concerns around the implementation, or lack thereof, of social distancing.

“Our members live with a number of different health conditions, and many of our members are shielding as they are at a particularly high risk of dying from Coronavirus. For those of us who are not shielding and are key workers, we want to be able to enjoy our daily exercise safely, and to get to our work.

“Unfortunately, we are finding that there are still members of the public that disregard social distancing and walk too close to us. For disabled people, it’s not as easy to “dodge” people, so we rely on the able-bodied public to do so.

“As a community, we don’t want to feel isolated and alienated from the public, so we are urging the public to support disabled people by respecting social distancing measures.”

Julie Ferguson also outlined concerns that supermarkets delivery slots are becoming increasingly difficult to access for disabled people dependant on them:

“Pre-Covid19, supermarket deliveries were a lifeline, but now they’re becoming more and more difficult to get. We need systems in place to make sure disabled people are still able to get delivery slots. We should not be reliant on local volunteers for support.”

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