Covid 19 Announcement

March 23rd 2020

Covid 19 Announcement

March 23rd 2020

Responding to the UK Government’s latest announcement, STUC General Secretary Designate, Roz Foyer said:

“These are unprecedented times. Government has certainly ramped up its action. Everything it proposes we support. We call on our members and their families to adhere to the advice. This is a time for solidarity, for safety and for mutual support.

“Trade unionists are good at that and that’s what our members will do. Our challenge to employers is that they must do the same.

“But we also call on the Government for clarity and for further action.

“We need clarity on what the Prime Minister meant by essential worker. Government needs to talk urgently to trade unions about what that means.

“We need urgent clarity and immediate action to ensure financial support reaches all workers, whatever their employment status, as another swathe of businesses close. Most urgently we need a shift change in plans for financial support for freelance workers and the self-employed, the well-over 300,000 people in Scotland most of them on low and modest incomes who face poverty if action is not taken now.

“Covid-19 testing of essential workers has to increase massively, to protect the workforce, the people they care for, and to prevent unnecessary self-isolation in this time of crisis.”



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