Wage Guarantee announcement

March 20th 2020

Wage Guarantee announcement

March 20th 2020

Responding to the Chancellor’s announcement on a wage guarantee, STUC general secretary designate, Roz Foyer said:

“There is now no excuse for bosses not to retain all staff and stump up the extra 20 per cent our members need.

“The Chancellor has finally listened to trade unions with some real commitments to support workers. The Prime Minister told us that we would need collective action to defeat this virus and it is workers that will deliver that collective, so it is good to see them being supported in this way.

“We need the support to reflect the real hours that people work to make a living, not just what their contract says. That would see workers on zero hours and short term contracts suffer most. They need those hours to make ends meet.

“The Chancellor has not given enough yet for self-employed and contracted workers. They are left to the uncertainties of the Universal Credit system still paid at the statutory sick pay rate which is far too low. A five week wait for Universal Credit, paid well below a tolerable wage is just not good enough.

“And what about the workers who have been sacked by unscrupulous employers over the past fortnight? We need assurances that each and every one of them will be taken back on and paid in full.”


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