STUC Response to General Election Result

December 13th 2019

STUC Response to General Election Result

December 13th 2019

Responding to the result of the General Election, STUC General Secretary Grahame Smith said:

‘This was clearly and simply the Brexit election. Any hope that we had that voters, particularly Leave voters in Labour’s English heartlands, would be open to considering the wider issues as stake, simply failed to materialise.

‘After more than three years of Brexit dominated politics, positive messages on tackling poverty and inequality and the on the radical polices required to tackle the truly big questions of our time – the Climate Emergency; the automation of work; the decline in our economic and social infrastructure after more than a decade of austerity, which we know are popular with the public, were unfortunately ignored.

‘As in 1987, when the Tories last won such a majority, Scottish voters have chosen a different path. They have rejected the Tories once again and the SNP’s clear message on Brexit appears to have resonated.

‘The First Minister has made it clear that she will now push for a second Independence Referendum. While Brexit makes the economic implications of an independent Scotland significantly different now from 2014, the democratic wishes of the people of Scotland need to be acknowledged.

‘The Prime Minister has said he will work to repay the voters responsible for his victory. While many obviously want ‘Brexit done’, they also want a Government that addresses their everyday issues. That means an end to austerity and insecure work, investment in public services, the protection of fundamental rights and an economy that serves everyone not just the wealthy. That won’t be delivered by the current hard Brexit deal.

‘Given the attitude of many in the Government, we can expect no relief from their anti-union onslaught. We will continue to resist. We will continue to organise, and we will overcome whatever is placed in our path in order to advance the interests of workers, their families and communities.’


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