STUC on Business Pledge Review & TUFWMF

March 22nd 2018

STUC on Business Pledge Review & TUFWMF

March 22nd 2018

Commenting on the Building Greater Fairness in the Workplace debate today, Grahame Smith, STUC General Secretary said:

“We are greatly encouraged by the announcement today (22/03/18) that detailed the launch of a review of the Scottish Business Pledge and proposed action to ensure that Fair Work, as defined in the Fair Work Framework, is driven forward by every area of government. We have long argued that the Scottish Government should be doing much more to embed the Fair Work Framework into the Scottish labour market. It is a clear indication that the Government is listening to the collective voice of workers and their trade unions who are calling for more action to eradicate exploitative working practices in Scotland.

“The Government, as the employer of over half a million workers, can do more to ensure that it is an exemplar Fair Work employer. It also needs to use its influence to promote the principles of Fair Work in all areas of the economy.

“The time for warm words and slick documents is over – we need real action and a plan to move Fair Work forward in Scotland. We welcome the Scottish Government’s recognition that workers and their trade unions must be at the heart of this agenda. We look forward to working with the Scottish Government on this.

“The Minister also announced a further year’s funding for the Trade Union Fair Work & Modernisation Fund (TUFWMF) today, totalling £250,000, and £100,000 funding for equalities and leadership work. In previous years the TUFWMF has allowed trade unions across Scotland to develop new and innovative ways to organise workers and campaign for Fair Work. We look forward to supporting a further series of bids for the 2018/19 funding period which continue to tackle exploitation and poor employment practices in some of the most precarious sectors in the Scottish labour market. Again, the TUFWMF is testament to the Scottish Government’s understanding that trade unions are best placed to tackle exploitation and insecure work, and that we have a vital role to play in Scotland's economy and wider society.”


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