STUC Youth Committee

STUC Youth committee was formed in 1938.The Committee is made up young workers under 27 years of age from across Scotland and campaigns on a range of issues including the National Minimum Wage and health and safety of young workers. It represents young workers views and opinions to a number of bodies including government and ensures a young workers voice is heard at the STUC General Council.

STUC Youth Conference

STUC affiliates are encouraged to send delegates to the Youth Conference and nominate young members to the STUC Youth Committee. Affiliates nominating delegates are also able to submit motions for debate and consideration by the Conference. The Conference votes on the motions submitted and elects young delegates to serve on the STUC's Youth Committee each year.

The Youth Committee comprises 9 members elected at the Annual Conference; 6 General Seats, 2 reserved seats for women and one for a young member from a local Trades Union Council, and is accountable to the Annual Youth Conference.

In addition, the Conference nominates 2 young members to sit on the STUC General Council and 6 young members to attend the STUC Annual Congress, ensuring the views of young members are reflected at all levels of the STUC’s democratic processes.

The Annual Work Plan of the Committee is determined following discussion by the Committee on the motions agreed at Conference, and the priorities of the STUC as a whole.

The Annual STUC Youth Committee is governed by its own Constitution agreed by the General Council

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