The Menopause Risk Assesment - A Template for Reps

Health and Safety Management

  • Can women report sickness to a woman manager?
  • Does the risk assessment include consideration of menopause and other gender issues?
  • Do workers have access to information on the menopause?
  • What occupational health arrangements have been made in relation to the menopause?
  • Does the sickness absence policy recognise the menopause as a health, safety and welfare issue?
  • Can women report sickness to a woman manager?- What arrangements are in place to deal with related issues such as stress management?

Sanitary and Health Issues

  • Are workstations easily accessible to sanitary and rest facilities?
  • Are private washing and changing facilities available?
  • Is there access to sanitary products?
  • Do rotas, shifts and schedules (eg for drivers) ensure that workers have easy access to sanitary and washing facilities?

Temperature – Hot Fushes and Perspiration

  • Is there a policy on workplace maximum (and minimum) temperature and is it implemented?
  • How is it implemented?
  • Is ventilation available and is it regularly maintained?
  • Is additional ventilation, for example portable fans, provided if necessary?
  • Do uniforms and PPE reflect the needs of menopausal women?
  • Is loose clothing provided?
  • Is it made of natural fibres?

Aches and pains, dizziness, lack of energy, headaches

  • Have workstation risk assessments been reviewed to take the menopause into account?
  • Are there opportunities to switch to lighter or different duties?
  • Do manual handling assessments take these issues into account?
  • Are sickness absence policies sympathetic?
  • Are there flexible working arrangements in place in relation to breaks?
  • Do working hours in general take account of these health issues?

Reproductive Organs and Bone Damage

  • Is there access to natural light?
  • Are there regular and flexible breaks?
  • Are uniforms etc made of natural fibres?
    Are work processes considered?|

Moodswings, Irritability Loss of Concentration, insomnia

  • Is there flexible working time?
  • Are there flexible breaks?
  • Is there access to natural light?

Workstations and Work Environment for Skin and Eyes

  • Have workstations been reviewed?
  • Where VDUs are used are there regular breaks?
  • Are ventilation systems functioning?
  • Are humidifier systems functioning?

Any Other Issues?

Women’s Health and Safety at Work Toolkit

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