Domestic Violence – A Checklist for Reps

• Negotiate a policy with the employer, whether as a stand alone policy or as part of other policies. To see examples of what the policy should include click here. Salary advances to be available in extreme situations where it is identified that this may help a woman flee a violent situation

• Create a safe environment where individuals experiencing domestic violence feel confident that they will be believed, listened to, treated supportively and sympathetically, and not judged – whether or not they are ready to 
take a decision to leave

• Be able to advise members where they can get support, including from qualified counsellors, including if both partners work together

• Raise awareness in the workplace, and campaign nationally for improved policies to prioritise the safety and empowerment of those who suffer domestic violence, and take action to support women’s and other refuges

• Never tell a member to take action s/he isn’t happy with, but do always recommend that physical violence is reported to the police – it may be, or 
may quickly become, a life-threatening situation


Women’s Health and Safety at Work Toolkit

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