The STUC LGBT+ Workers' Committee


The STUC LGBT+ Workers' Committee

The STUC LGBT+ Workers’ Committee carries out a range of work to tackle homophobia and to promote equality for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people in Scotland, both in the workplace and in society.

The LGBT+ Workers' Committee is elected at the Annual STUC LGBT+ Worker's Conference. The motion-based conference determines the priorities of the Committee for the year ahead. There are currently two reserved seat on the STUC General Council, and the STUC LGBT+ conference can nominate these representatives. These representatives, along with the Committee’s wider engagement with the General Council allows for LGBT+ equality to be mainstreamed into the wider work of the STUC. The LGBT+ Workers' Committee comprises of 12 members and is accountable to the annual STUC LGBT+ Workers' Conference. The work plan of the Committee is determined following discussions by the Committee on the motions agreed at Conference and takes account of the wider policies of the STUC as a whole.

Committee Priorities

The priorities for the LGBT+ Workers’ Committee for the year ahead are to:

• support LGBT+ people in Scotland’s workplaces and in public life;

• tackle Homophobia in society and promote good quality public services for LGBT+ people; and

• encourage better treatment of LGBT+ people internationally and deliver a Commonwealth Games that is inclusive of the LGBT+ community and is free of homophobia.

Homophobic Bullying in Schools- Fringe at STUC Annual Congress 2015

The STUC LGBT Workers’ Committee and the STUC Youth Committee held a joint fringe event at STUC Annual Congress 2015. The event looked at the issue of homophobic bullying in schools and its effect on future career and education choices. The fringe event heard testimonials from young people who had experienced homophobia and transphobia and heard first-hand how the system had let them down.

Dundee PRIDE: 22nd September 

Meeting Point: City Square 

March leaves at 12 noon

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