STUC Disabled Workers’ Committee

The STUC Disabled Workers’ Committee was formed in 2004. The Disabled Workers’ Committee comprises 12 members and is accountable to the Annual Disabled Workers’ Conference of the STUC as a whole. The General Council appoints 2 representatives from its Committee to sit on the Disabled Workers’ Conference.

The STUC’s work in relation to disabled people is carried out by the STUC Disabled Workers’ Committee, which is elected at the Annual STUC Disabled Workers’ Conference. This Annual Conference allows disabled people to set a programme of work for the Disabled Workers’ Committee to take forward, relating to a wide range of relevant issues. Disabled people’s issues are also mainstreamed into the wider work of the STUC through the existence of Disabled Workers’ Seats on the STUC General Council.

STUC Disabled Workers’ Conference

Held annually, the 2016 STUC Disabled Workers’ Conference was the 13th.

STUC affiliates are encouraged to send delegates to the Disabled Workers’ Conference and nominate disabled members to the STUC Disabled Workers’ Committee. Affiliates nominating delegates are also able to submit motions for debate and consideration by the Conference. The Disabled Workers’ Committee Work Plan is produced following Conference and is based on the motions carried and a report is included with the Conference Agenda on work carried out within that term.

13th Annual STUC Disabled Workers’ Conference

The 13th Annual STUC Disabled Workers’ Conference was held at the Westerwood Hotel, Cumbernauld, over the weekend of Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th November 2016. The Conference theme was “Our Rights Are Your Rights”.

The Conference was chaired by Sharon Sweeney, University and College Union Scotland. 62 delegates, representing 13 trade unions and 1 trade union council, registered for Conference with 61 in actual attendance.

The 14th Annual STUC Disabled Workers’ Conference will be held over the period Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th November 2017 in the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel, Clydebank, Glasgow.

STUC Disabled Workers’ Committee Members for 2016 / 2017

Sharon Sweeney, University and College Union Scotland (Chair)

Tony Sneddon, Communication Workers’ Union (Vice-Chair)

Margaret Anslow, Unite the Union

Ellen Davies, Unite the Union

Pat Duffy, GMB

Barbra Farmer, Public and Commercial Services Union

Julie Ferguson, Educational Institute of Scotland

Linda Ford, Prospect

Robert Mooney, Community

John Nisbet, UNISON

Committees Priorities

  • To build effective relationships with government and agencies to promote the rights of disabled people within and outwith the workplace;
  • To campaign against discrimination of disabled people and for genuine opportunity of employment for the disabled; and
  • To build capacity to ensure that unions work for disabled people

For more information contact Ian Tasker, STUC Assistant Secretary, at or Shona Scott, STUC Events and Communications Team, at

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