• Women's Committee

    Activities of the STUC Women's Committee

  • Black Workers' Committee

    The STUC's work in relation to race discrimination issues is carried out through the STUC Black Workers' Committee

  • Disabled Workers' Committee

    The STUC Disabled Workers' Committee was established, in order to assist the STUC in taking forward and promoting its policies in relation to Disability.

  • LGBT+ Committee

    The STUC LGBT Workers’ Committee carries out a range of work to tackle homophobia and to promote equality for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people in Scotland, both in the workplace and in society

  • Youth Committee

    The STUC Youth Committee is made up young workers under 27 years of age from across Scotland and campaigns on a range of issues including the National Minimum Wage and health and safety of young workers.

  • LGBT History Month

    LGBT History Month

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116th Annual Congress, Perth Concert Hall, April 16-18th.


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