Appointments to public bodies

The STUC seeks to further the interests of working people and their families through direct representation and indirect representation on public bodies in Scotland

Direct Representation of the STUC

SCDI Board - Grahame Smith

SCDI Policy Committee – Grahame Smith/Helen Martin

Partnership for Health and Safety in Scotland – Scot Walker, Unite the Union; Lilian Macer, UNISON

Workplace Chaplaincy Scotland Grahame Smith; Mary Senior, UCU

Scottish Pensioners Forum Executive Committee - Maureen Gardner, Unite the Union; Rose Jackson, UNISON; Alan MacKenzie, PCS Scotland; June Whitelaw, USDAW

Glasgow Building Preservation Trust Board - Scott Donohoe, UNISON

Royal Blind, Board of Directors - Robert Mooney, Community Union

Scottish Government Employability Stakeholder Group – Peter Hunter, UNISON

Scottish Business Growth Group - Grahame Smith/Helen Martin and Pat Rafferty, Unite the Union

Home Office National Advisory Group on Immigration – Helen Martin

Home Office Vulnerability Advisory Group – Helen Martin

Skills Development Scotland Equality Advisory Group – Yvonne Stewart

Indirect Representation of the STUC

Enterprise and Skills Strategic Board - Grahame Smith

Skills Development Scotland Board* - Grahame Smith

Scottish Apprenticeship Advisory Board (SAAB) - Grahame Smith

SAAB Employer Engagement Group – Wendy Burton

SAAB Standards and Frameworks Group) – Tommy Breslin

SAAB Equalities Group – Helen Martin

SDS / SQA Future Standards Architecture Advisory Forum – Tommy Breslin

SDS Engineering Skills Leadership Group – Tommy Breslin

SQA Board* - Grahame Smith

SQA Advisory Council – Wendy Burton

SQA Qualification Development Team – Catherine Garvie

SQA) Strategic Sector Panel for Computing - Catherine Garvie

Strategic Labour Market Group – Grahame Smith; Francis Stuart; Peter Hunter, UNISON

Fair Work Convention - Grahame Smith; Mary Alexander, Unite the Union; Lilian Macer, UNISON

FM Standing Council on Europe - Grahame Smith

European Economic and Social Committee* - Agnes Tolmie, Unite the Union

Scotland Europa Board - Grahame Smith

Oil and Gas ILG and MER Forum - Grahame Smith

Oil and Gas Industry Leadership Group - Grahame Smith; Jake Malloy, RMT; Tommy Campbell, Unite the Union

Scottish Energy Advisory Board - Grahame Smith

DYW National Group and National Advisory Group - Grahame Smith

Regulatory Review Group – Helen Martin

PACE Ministerial Advisory Group – Wendy Burton

FM Advisory Group on Women and Girls - Sharon Edwards, STUC Women’s Committee

First Minister's National Advisory Council on Women and Girls Circle – Yvonne Stewart

FM Advisory Reference Group on Human Rights - Helen Martin

Early Learning and Childcare Strategic Group – Helen Martin

Early Learning and Childcare Workforce Project Board – Helen Martin

Transport Strategy Review Group – Helen Martin

Investors in People CIC Board - Grahame Smith

Learning Link Scotland Board – Wendy Burton

National Strategic Forum for Adult Learning – Wendy Burton

SCQF Forum – Wendy Burton

Project Ability Board – Wendy Burton

Modern Apprenticeship Group – Tommy Breslin

The Open University Employer Apprenticeship Advisory Group – Tommy Breslin

Scottish Government Cyber Resilience Learning Network - Catherine Garvie

Scottish Government National Numeracy Practitioners Network - Catherine Garvie

Zero Waste Scotland SWITCH Scottish Waste Industry Training, Competency, Health & Safety Forum - Catherine Garvie

Scottish Poverty Alliance Board – Dave Moxham

Scottish Living Wage Campaign – Dave Moxham

Gender Pay Gap Working Group – Francis Stuart

Health and Work Review Advisory Board – Helen Martin

Pregnancy and Maternity Discrimination Group – Lorna Glen, STUC Women’s Committee

Equally Safe Strategic Board - Grahame Smith

Strategic Group on Trafficking – Sarah Collins

Scottish Procurement Supply Group – Dave Moxham

Just Transition Commission – Dave Moxham

Scottish Infrastructure Commission – Grahame Smith

Living Wage in Care Implementation Group – Mike Kirby, Unison Scotland

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