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STUC on Queen's Speech

8th May 2013

Grahame Smith, Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) General Secretary said “Bereft of a single new idea to tackle the economy the Coalition has turned to scapegoating and fostering insecurity. “It comes as no surprise that the supply-side ideologues in the Tory Party refuse to budge from their fantasy that making people easier to fire is the way to foster a secure and growing economy. And it is now wearingly familiar that they continue to use Vince Cable, who probably does understand the need for a demand-led recovery, to come up with these attacks on workers’ rights.

STUC Welcomes Scottish Parliament Blacklisting Debate

2nd May 2013

The Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) has welcomed today’s Scottish Parliament debate on blacklisting being moved by Neil Findlay MSP for Lothian. Ahead of the debate Grahame Smith STUC General Secretary said “The ongoing and very welcome inquiry by the Scottish Affairs Committee has unravelled the hideous practice where employers, over a number of years, have denied individuals jobs purely on the basis of trade union activity and wanting to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for themselves and colleagues.

STUC sends solidarity as protests against austerity take centre stage during May Day events across Europe

1st May 2013

Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) General Secretary Grahame Smith said: “We send out solidarity to workers and their families across Europe who are protesting against austerity this May Day. On Saturday 4th Scotland will see May Day marches in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Irvine and on Sunday thousands will gather in Glasgow.

STUC Sends Condolences to Bangladeshi Garment Workers Families on International Workers Memorial Day

26th April 2013

As part of this year’s commemoration of International Workers Memorial Day the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) is urging Scotland to remember the families of the Bangladeshi garment workers who have lost their lives following the collapse of a clothing factory on the outskirts of capital Dhaka

STUC on Labour’s Devolution Commission

19th April 2013

Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) General Secretary Grahame Smith said: “STUC welcomes today’s announcement that there is to be a distinct Labour pro-devolution campaign. Now that there is a Labour focussed campaign and a commitment to examining the devolution of significant additional tax raising powers, the potential exists to develop thinking and an exchange of ideas across Scotland on further devolution of power in the event of a ‘No’ vote. STUC will engage proactively in this discussion, just as it is prepared to consider the shape of an independent Scotland if ‘Yes’ is the outcome.

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